solid bamboo outside cladding , durable, outdoor bamboo strand woven wall panel

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density 1.2KG/m3
reaction to fire according to EN13501-1:BfI-s1
breaking strength according to EN408:87N/MM2/
slip resistance according to CEN TS 15676 69DRY, 33WET
Biological durability according to EN350:Class 1
Moldy grade according to EN152:Class 0

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Garden, Balcony, Villa, Patio,Terrace, Sqare,Park, Outdoor

(width*hight): 30*60/40*80/50*100
Length: 1860/2500/3750
Surface: Oiled


2) Wall panel for bamboo strand woven
Size: 1860x140x15mm.


Production process


Technical data

Test Report Report No.: AJFS2211008818FF-01 Date: NOV.17, 2022 Page 2 of 5
I. Test conducted
This test was conducted as per EN 13501-1:2018 Fire classification of construction products and building
elements-Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests. And the test methods as following:
1. EN ISO 9239-1:2010 Reaction to fire tests for floorings —Part 1: Determination of the burning behaviour
using a radiant heat source.
2. EN ISO 11925-2:2020 Reaction to fire tests —Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of
flame-Part 2: Single-flame source test.
II. Details of classified product
Sample description Bamboo Outside Decking (Provided by client)
Color Brown
Sample size EN ISO 9239-1: 1050mm×230mm
EN ISO 11925-2: 250mm×90mm
Thickness 20mm
Mass per unit area 23.8 kg/m2
Exposed surface The smooth surface
Mounting and fixing:
Fibre cement board, with its density approximate 1800kg/m3, thickness approximate 9mm, is as the
substrate. The test specimens are fixed mechanically to the substrate. Have joints in the specimen.
III. Test results
Test methods Parameter Number of tests Results
EN ISO 9239-1 Critical flux (kW/m2) 3 ≥11.0
Smoke (%×minutes) 57.8
EN ISO 11925-2
Exposure = 15 s
Whether vertical flame spread
(Fs) in excess of 150 mm within
6 No
20 s (Yes/No)
Test Report Report No.: AJFS2211008818FF-01 Date: NOV.17, 2022 Page 3 of 5
IV. Classification and direct field of application
a) Reference of classification
This classification has been carried out in accordance with EN 13501-1:2018.
b) Classification
The product, Bamboo Outside Decking (Provided by client), in relation to its reaction to fire behaviour is
Fire behaviour Smoke production
Bfl s 1
Reaction to fire classification: Bfl----s1
Remark: The classes with their corresponding fire performance are given in annex A.
c) Field of application
This classification is valid for the following end use applications:
--- With all substrates classified as A1 and A2
--- With mechanically fixing
--- Have joints
This classification is valid for the following product parameters:
--- Characteristics as described in section II of this test report.
This declaration of conformity is only based on the result of this laboratory activity, the impact of the
uncertainty of the results was not included.
The test results relate to the behaviour of the test specimens of a product under the particular conditions of
the test; they are not intended to be the sole criterion for assessing the potential fire hazard of the product in
This classification report does not represent type approval or certification of the product.
The test laboratory has, therefore, play no part in sampling the product for the test, although it holds
appropriate references to the manufacturer’s factory production control that is aimed to be relevant to the
samples tested and that will provide for their traceability.
Test Report Report No.: AJFS2211008818FF-01 Date: NOV.17, 2022 Page 4 of 5
Annex A
Classes of reaction to fire performance for floorings
Class Test methods Classification Additional classification
EN ISO 1182 a and △T≤30℃,
A1fl EN ISO 1716 tf=0(i.e. no sustained flaming)
PCS≤2.0MJ/kg a
PCS≤2.0MJ/kg b
PCS≤1.4MJ/m2 c
PCS≤2.0MJ/kg d
EN ISO 1182 a
A2 fl EN ISO 1716 and tf≤20s
PCS≤3.0MJ/kg a
PCS≤4.0MJ/m2 b
PCS≤4.0MJ/m2 c
PCS≤3.0MJ/kg d
EN ISO 9239-1 e Critical flux f ≥8.0kW/ m2 Smoke production g
EN ISO 9239-1 e and Critical flux f ≥8.0kW/ m2 Smoke production g
B fl EN ISO 11925-2 h
Exposure =15s
Fs≤150mm within 20 s -
EN ISO 9239-1 e and Critical flux f ≥4.5kW/ m2 Smoke production g
C fl EN ISO 11925-2 h
Exposure =15s
Fs≤150mm within 20 s -
EN ISO 9239-1 e and Critical flux f ≥3.0 kW/m2 Smoke production g
D fl EN ISO 11925-2 h
Exposure =15s
Fs≤150mm within 20 s -
E fl EN ISO 11925-2 h
Exposure =15s
Fs≤150mm within 20 s -

"F fl EExNpIoSsOur1e1=91255s-2 h Fs > 150 mm within 20 s
a For homogeneous products and substantial components of non-homogeneous products.
b For any external non-substantial component of non-homogeneous products.
c For any internal non-substantial component of non-homogeneous products.
d For the product as a whole.
e Test duration = 30 min.
f Critical flux is defined as the radiant flux at which the flame extinguishes or the radiant flux after a test
period of 30 min, whichever is the lower (i.e. the flux corresponding with the furthest extent of spread of
g s1 = Smoke ≤ 750 % minutes;"
"s2 = not s1.
h Under conditions of surface flame attack and, if appropriate to the end use application of the product,
edge flame attack."

TEST REPORT No.: XMIN2210009164CM-01 Date: Nov 16, 2022 Page: 2 of 3
Summary of Results:
No. Test Item Test Method Result
1 Pendulum friction test BS EN 16165:2021 Annex C Dry condition: 69
Wet condition: 33

Original Sample Photo:

Testing direction

Test Item Pendulum friction test
Sample Description See photo
Test Method BS EN 16165:2021 Annex C
Test Condition
Specimen 200mm×140mm, 6pcs
Type of slider slider 96
Testing surface see photo
Testing direction see photo


Test result:
Specimens identification No. 1 2 3 4 5 6
Mean pendulum value
(Dry condition)
67 69 70 70 68 69
Slip resistance value
(SRV “dry”)
Mean pendulum value
(Wet condition)
31 32 34 34 35 34
Slip resistance value 33
(SRV “wet”)
Note: This test report updates client information, supersedes the test report No. XMIN2210009164CM
dated Nov 04, 2022, original report will be invalid from today.

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